Time2ministries February 19th & 26th

Overview of the past 2 Sunday night end-time studies. Sorry for the lateness of this. Would also like to thank everyone for their prayers during the last week with the loss of my Grandmother Julia Peeler. She was an amazing woman. I just wish my prayer life resembled what hers was. I also want to thank everyone for your support and prayers for this class.
Over the last couple of weeks we have traveled from Chapter 7 of Revelation to Chapter 9.
Chapter 7 starts out with 4 Angels that have been ordered by another Angel that holds the seal of the living God, to withhold the 4 winds of the earth and not to harm the earth, seas or the trees until The bond servants of God are sealed. These 4 angels have the ability to harm the earth. Possibly after all of the death that the 4 horseman bring by stopping the winds it will also stop for a time being the spread of diseases and fires that the wars and famines have caused.
During that time this Angel will put a mark on the foreheads of the 144,000 Jews that God Himself has set aside for ministry. They will be like 144,000 Billy Grahams sent out to spread and proclaim the Truth about God. They will be protected from the Antichrist and they cannot be deceived by the lies that will be prevalent during those times. They come from the 12 Tribes of Israel. 12,000 from each Tribe. People have scoffed at this and said how does anyone know who came from the original 12 tribes of Israel now days. I laugh…..I know someone who knows where every person comes from…..GOD. Something I want to point out is that a couple of these 12 Tribes are not the original ones. Dan and Ephraim are missing. These 2 Tribes were omitted possibly because they led a lot of people away from God by practicing “Idolatry”. In their place “LEVI” and “JOSEPH” were added.
The scene shifts at this point in Chapter 7:9 to a multitude of people from all walks of life standing before the Throne of God with white robes and palm branches. They were praising God for His Salvation and while they were praising Him, the Elders and the Angels fall on their faces before God and praise Him with them.
One of the Elders then asks John who these Innumerable people were. John didn’t know be said you know. The Elder told John they were the ones who came out of the Great Tribulation. These are people that were killed for their faith in God during that Time. They refused to worship the antichrist and they were put to death for it. Notice I used “past tense” for something that has not happened yet. WHY?….because in Johns eyes seeing this as already happened means it will happen and already has happened. God is not controlled by time. He sees the beginning and the end.
Something else I want to point out is that the Bible teaches that there are different levels of Glory once we enter Life. (notice these never leave the presence of Gods throne)Through many different passages in God’s Word it teaches that there will be different things for different people to do through eternity. (we are not going to sit on clouds playing harps) These, because of giving their life for God, will be as close to God as anyone can get. These are not the same as those that were raptured(the Bride of Christ) The Bride will Rule and Reign with Christ after the marriage super of the Lamb where we will be joined with Christ for Eternity. Something we will talk about later. We will all be in paradise but it appears what you do on earth that will determine what you will be doing for eternity in Gods service. That should cause us to be more faithful everyday of our lives as we work and wait for the Lord knowing what our devotion for Him brings in the end.
Chapter 8 The 7th seal is opened
All praising stops as there is silence in Heaven. All the seals have been opened (there is no stopping what will take place next) and The 7 Ark Angels before Gods Throne are giving 7 trumpets. Judgement is coming open the earth. An Angel takes a censer(it was used by priest filled with hot coals and incense in the old testament time in the temple, The coals would heat up the incense and it would change the atmosphere in the room). It represented the prayers of the Saints being lifted up to Heaven. This Angel added the incense with the Prayers of all the saints on the alter and the fragrance went up towards God. Its like a reminder to God(God doesn’t need to be reminded) and God is filled with all the prayers that have ever been lifted to Him and God is ready to pronounce Judgement on those upon the earth. The Angel then takes FIRE (Judgement) from the Altar of God and fills the censer that held the prayers and threw it towards the Earth causing a great Earthquake.
The first Angel sounds
Hail and fire mixed with blood fell to the earth. 1/3 of the earth and 1/3 of the green trees were burnt up along with all the grass. What a terrible scene. Imagine the intense heat and the smoke that fills the air and with 1/3 of the trees burnt oxygen will be less and it will be harder to breath in certain places.
The second Angel sounds
John describes something like a great mountain burning with fire falls on the sea and the sea becoming blood. Fish will die and the waters will stink of death and 1/3 of the ships will be destroyed. This could be an asteroid coming out of the sky that hits the sea. The earth has been hit many of times by large space rocks in the past …It will happen again. Here let me give you some research…look for it in your google search engine by typing “next close Meteor” there are about 1500+ known meteors that will pass close to earth in this year and the next few years to come and some of them will pass in between us and the moon. Some are even predicted to possibly hit us in the near future. Now that’s to close for comfort but could fulfill this revelation that was given to John in Rev 8:8.
Please stay tuned for more.