Time2Ministries ~ review from Sunday, January 15th


We started this study with an overview starting with the Words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in what has been referred to as the Olivet Discourse. Jesus was talking to His Disciples and they asked three questions and each referred to a different point in the future. Jesus was saying as He pointed at the Temple that not one of those stones would remain on top of each other.
The 3 questions that they asked were this.
1. WHEN WILL THESE THINGS HAPPEN?(referring to the Temple buildings being tore down)
2. WHAT IS THE SIGN OF YOUR COMING?(Referring to Christs return to Earth as King)
3. WHEN WILL THE END OF THE AGE BE?(Referring to when all things are fulfilled)

Question 1: Happened in A.D. 70 when Rome destroyed Jerusalem.

Question 2: Is taking place right now. (read Matthew 24:4-39)
Jesus told them at some point in the future a bunch of signs will occur and they will build in occurrence and intensity (like birth pains on a woman)and all be happening to one generation right before Jesus return to earth. Some of the signs are:(which we studied in depth during the class)

Many will come an claim to be Christ(look on line at all the people that claims to be Christ in the flesh)
Wars/rumors of wars
Nations rising against nations(More Nations waging wars against each other than any other time in history
Ethnic groups fighting Ethnic groups(look at the race wars in all the countries)
Earthquakes and famines will increase(look up USGS Major earthquakes have went off the charts in the last 20 years)
Christians will be hated by all nations and put to death(Isis)
False Prophets arise and mislead many(false christian churches preaching perversion is ok because god loves everyone)
Peoples love would grow cold because of Lawlessness(passing laws to promote murder and perversion/calling good evil and evil good)
The True Gospel of Jesus Christ would be preached into all the world(radio internet TV Missionaries we are preaching into all the world)

Jesus went on to use a parable about the fig tree(all through history the fig tree has been referred to the nation of Israel).
Matthew 24:32-34 states when the Jews came back into their land and are a young nation that that generation who saw it happen would not pass away until all things were fulfilled. That happened in 1948. A generation is around 70 years or so(do the math)Its been 68 years since that happened.

Jesus went on to say in Matthew 24:37-39 that that same Generation that saw Israel back into their homeland would be so wrapped up in themselves that Jesus return would catch them by surprise and they would not understand until it was to late.

All these things are happening right now please do not be taken by surprise.
Ask God to forgive you of your sins and Ask Jesus to come into your life that you might me saved.
Time is short my friend. These things are happening right before our eyes all at once.
In Love Bro. Perry

Come Join the class with us and receive the blessing of being prepared for the return of Jesus.


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